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MAN Trucks & Buses have dominated the United Arab Emirates for 22 prestigious years, from delivering household goods to heavy equipment, from construction sites and from the oil fields to a family reliable public transport and speaks for the unbeatable Sales, World Class Service and Genuine after Sales products.

Assisting and ensuring total performance of trucks and buses is the MAN Service Team; consisting of 500 professionals, Automobile Engineers & Mechanics, some of whom have close to 30 years’ experience. The competence of these employees does not stop at corrective/preventive maintenance; it is seamless, across the workshop/s.

The team sustains a high service quality, and cares for the unit, ensuring to keep the wheels rolling on all kinds of terrain, even in extreme weather conditions and pledges itself to be consistently efficient.

The Service division has relentlessly worked to serve the MAN customers and the service levels have been excellent, winning accolades from MAN Germany.

The decade old 800 public transport fleet (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) is proof of the quality of the workmanship and commitment of the Service division as well as their capabilities of meeting the strict and high level of 85%+ availability. The 1000+ non civilian trucks and the innumerable civilian trucks sold over more than 2 decades, MAN Service’s customer base is massive.MAN Service Division does not allow imperfections and refrains from job call backs for incorrect repairs or parts fitment.

Genuine parts are supplied 24/7 to all MAN Service workshops. 30,000-line items are maintained at availability of 94% across all 7 warehouses in UAE at all time. Parts are issued with a practice of FIFO (First-in-first-out) basis, to keep the freshness of the consumable items and to ensure rotation of stock items. System support is used in ordering genuine materials from MAN Spares Division which are required for the different models.

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