Provide In-house Warehousing, Logistics and Transportation Solution to DBA Group of Companies with Monthly Average of around 16,000 line items and 374,000 items of total stock with 120,000 square meter Open and Covered Storage area managed by 70+ Warehouse employees, 15 Logistics staff and 100+ Drivers.

In-House Logistics manages Group Inbound and Outbound movement process to ensure timely and seamless delivery to the end Customers. Adding value, Transportation team handles 250+ Fleet Vehicles and 100+ Drivers for day-to-day deliveries across UAE.

Main warehouses are strategically located in Jebel Ali, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

  • 12+ Warehouses
  • 20+ locations
  • 3 Countries
  • 1 Distribution Center

Quality and on time deliveries are top priority of the Team. All items distributed internally within warehouses and to end customers are strictly monitored, checked and validated with corresponding documents in each and every step of the process guided by the System.

FIFO and No-touch policy are being implemented to safeguard the stock and to make sure that it’s on best condition prior packing and loading. Special items such as Hydraulic Hoses, Chemicals, Pantry Items, etc., are being stored in temperature-controlled room. The entire operation is being monitored and performed through Oracle ERP system which is being accessed by the Team from all locations with different responsibilities as such, but not limited to:

  • Item Management
  • Locator & Inventory Management
  • Receipt Management
  • Issue Management

Division regularly reviews Warehousing and Logistics Set Operation Procedures & Performance to improve the Services in more efficient and cost-effective way which will enrich the Business units to fulfill their end Customer requirements and also to expand their business potential Globally.

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